FEE UPDATE- A $5 price increase has been added to all treatments except Hot Stone which has increased by $10. 

SCHEDULING UPDATE- Specific time slots will be available rather than the "free-for-all" booking style I was previously allowing online. This is because: 1) I am condensing my daily schedule . 2) I need to allow longer times in between each treatment for added cleaning measures. The new available booking times are listed in the previous "About' page. It has been strictly advised by our governing body that we DO NOT rush back to our normal schedules, but instead take a very gradual + slow approach. This may mean that you have to wait a few weeks to get in, and your patience and understanding has been greatly appreciated so far! 

SCREENING/PROTOCOL- All clients will be screened via Txt/Email/Call at the time of booking as well as immediately before your appointment. Masks MUST be worn upon entering the clinic. You may wear a cloth or disposable mask of your choice and it must remain on for the duration of your appointment. More details regarding the arrival to your appointment will be provided during the pre-screening done at the time of booking.